Rigorously Screened

What do we mean by ‘rigorously screened’?

Only Interimity members who have been through the accreditation process go forward to client assignments.  And it is rigorous.  We cover:

  • Hygiene factors & references – a professional interim or independent consultant or coach with great credentials.
  • Skills and experience – what you have done, where and to what depth and breadth. The ‘suitably overqualified’ aspect.
  • Verbal reasoning and psychometric – Verbal reasoning is measured as research by Saville Consulting shows it is one of the indicators of good interim performance

‘Overall interims outperformed other senior professionals and managers on a measure of analytical aptitude, which is a broad measure of intellectual agility. This higher aptitude performance was most pronounced in the area of verbal ability. Across the board, interims outperformed senior professionals, irrespective of job level. (from the Association of Professional Interims web site).

  • Competencies – the behaviours that make up the profile of a really good interim or consultant, weighted appropriately and based on feedback from clients and professional bodies, (including the EOL report UK 2011).

If you don’t pass on all elements – you don’t get passed to a client.   It’s thorough.  And it’s tough to get through.  But, from a personal perspective, you get in-depth structured feedback, to an extent you are unlikely to get from any other source.

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